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Two Broke Chicks

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Dynamic Podcast Duo

Introducing "Two Broke Chicks," - twin flames, journalists, best friends and self-proclaimed life experts Sally McMullen and Alexandra Hourigan! The pair may be broke in funds but they’re rich in life, so buckle in, it’s gonna be a wild ride!

Affectionately known as Sal and Al, the podcasting pair bring a unique and refreshing blend of candid life lessons, financial tips, and a healthy dose of humour to listeners twice weekly. They’re genuine, engaging, hilarious and wildly charismatic. The kind of friends you need in your corner through the tough times but also at the 2am random living room kick-ons! You can catch them on their super successful podcast, on social media, at live shows and let’s face it at those 3am kick-ons!

From humble beginnings their podcast is now formidable. "Two Broke Chicks” continues to soar in popularity with downloads increasing week on week. As the podcast enters its third season, Sal and Al now not only offer their full Tuesday episode but also drop mini-eps on Thursday that include ever-popular segments Add To Cart (sharing fashion must-haves, beauty essentials, and shopping regrets), Fact or Cap (where viral challenges and trends are put to the test) and Life Lessons From The Chicks (gems of wisdom, hilarious stories, and insights from their listeners).


But what do they stand for? They’re all about getting the most bang for your buck and living life for the plot! From landing that perfect job to recovering from heartbreak, dealing with toxic friendships to exploring your own identity. The chicks are your guide to understanding your worth and to living life to the fullest right now! One minute they’re managing your finances, the next they're sitting down with inspiring guests (think Sarah Davidson, Chantelle Otten, and Allira Potter) but what sets "Two Broke Chicks" apart is their ability to create an inclusive environment that feels real. They’re authentic but in the most down-to-earth way. They’re driven but incredibly honest. With no topic off-limits, every episode gives listeners the opportunity to learn something in a space filled with laughter, wisdom and joy. 

Always keeping it real with their audience, Sal and Al are also super active on TikTiok, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. There you will find tips, hacks, hot takes, wisdom, podcast clips and endless memes. Their dedication to their community shines through everything they do. This community of chicks not only supports them but each other and that’s their most important message. Something they hope to foster throughout their careers. 

So, if you're looking for guidance, advice, or just a good laugh, let Sal and Al be your trusty guides on the rollercoaster ride of life's adventures. Like, follow, subscribe and join "Two Broke Chicks" as they take on the world, dish out valuable lessons and just generally be iconic. 

Remember, you may be broke in funds, but with "Two Broke Chicks" by your side, you'll be rich in life!


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