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April Hélène-Horton (The Bodzilla)

The Bodzilla

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Body Acceptance and Fat Positivity Advocate

April Hélène-Horton, also known as "The Bodzilla," is a passionate advocate for body acceptance, fat positivity and is the epitome of unapologetic authenticity. She’s bold, she’s kind, she’s passionate but above all she’s unfaltering in her pursuit of joy!


April’s never been a fan of labels, she’s much more interested in the human behind them but for the record, she identifies as a queer, fat, neurodivergent woman of colour who has a calm yet fierce stance against fatphobia, particularly at the intersection of racism. She’s on a journey to self acceptance and she’s sharing the wisdom with anyone who will listen, and perhaps more importantly, with those who have often refused. 


April's journey towards prominence began in 2020 when she created the Instagram account @thebodzilla, with the aim of fostering conversations around acceptance, self-love, empowerment, and fat positivity. However, it was her unwavering commitment to allyship that saw her garner an incredibly loyal following, and emerge as a powerful and impactful voice in the space. Today, she continues to use her platform to uplift marginalised voices and amplify their message to a curated community of incredible humans. 


April's significant achievements have included becoming the first fat model in a bikini to feature on an Australian billboard. Partnerships with brands like Dove, Bumble and Bras N Things to challenge societal norms all while striving to be the unfaltering queen of confidence. 


With progression always comes resistance, and April is no stranger to trolls but she uses this negativity as further evidence to the importance of her message. In April’s eyes, the definition of a healthy body will always transcend stereotypes. Worthiness will never be on a scale where caucasian, skinny, and sculpted physique reign supreme. It is because of this powerful message, that April has been featured across numerous media outlets and has participated in various panels adding incredible value and insight from her unique lived experiences. She has starred in the SBS documentary series, ‘What Does Australia Really Think About…’, she has also made an appearance as a guest panellist on SBS Insight. Plus guested on every prominent podcast in the country, and this is only the beginning.


‘The Bodzilla' emanates an infectious joy and happiness with her passion for life and unwavering dedication to self-expression shining through every word she speaks. This is prominent in her empowering podcast, ‘The Bodcast,’  which is a platform for thought-provoking discussions on everything from racism to ableism, classism to her endless journey for self-love PLUS more nineties pop culture references than pub trivia on a Wednesday night. 


April’s unwavering belief in a collective consciousness fuels her desire to uplift and empower not only those around her but future generations. She hopes that together, we can be a catalyst for change and cultivate a world where self-love and acceptance reign supreme.


Join April, AKA The Bodzilla, on a transformative journey of self-acceptance, and let us work together to embrace our true selves. Together, we can forge a society that celebrates diversity, seeks joy, and is never defined by someone else’s narrative.


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