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April Hélène-Horton (The Bodzilla)

The Bodzilla

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Body positivity and Mental Health Advocate

April Hélène-Horton, aka The Bodzilla, is the passionate body love advocate who’s on a mission to change narratives around the ‘perfect body’.She’s saying a big F YOU to diet culture, self hate, fatphobia and she implores you to do the same!


April’s public journey began in 2020 when she started the Instagram account @thebodzilla. She hoped to create a space for conversation around acceptance, self-love, empowerment and fat positivity. Since then, April has built an incredibly loyal following and has fast become a prominent voice who always has something to say. 


Some of April’s biggest accomplishments include being the first fat model in a bikini to feature on an Australian billboard, starring in an SBS documentary series, "What Does Australia Really Think About..." that dealt with prejudice, discrimination, and abuse and she also worked on Flawsome: Sex, Drugs & Recipes with Suami Petal, a feminist cooking show comedy.


Taking her message mainstream, she has featured across dozens of media outlets, spoken on multiple panels and worked with brands such as Dove, Bumble and Bras n Things. She’s appeared on several prominent podcasts such as Big Sister Hotline, It's A Lot, Love Etc, and Ladies We Need to Talk, as well as being guest panelist on SBS Insight and The Project where she has spoken on everything from cultural ideals that are bursting with racism to ableism, and classism.


April Hélène-Horton aka The Bodzilla is an incredibly inspiring figure in the body acceptance movement, using her platform to promote for good. Through her work, April hopes to continue to challenge societal beauty standards and promote body diversity whilst being a role model for people looking to love their bodies and themselves more.

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