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Ugandan-born Suzan Mutesi defied all odds when she became one of Australia's premier creatives. Working across a multitude of sectors including film and fashion- she is an entertainment industry powerhouse.


With her entrepreneurial spirit and drive for a better life, Suzan took on her first job at the age of 16 in a local printing factory. To this day, she credits this job for fostering her love of fashion, as it was at that very printing factory while picking and packing magazines that she began to see her future printed on the pages of Vogue.


Suzan harnessed this newly found passion of hers through sketching and designing, eventually turning this creativity into a thriving fashion label titled "Suzan Mutesi Fashion House" which also saw her win the Fashion Designer of the year award in 2012.


Reaching the heights of Australian fashion, Suzan sought another challenge and began acting. Her current credits include films Ruby's Choice and Moon Rock for Monday as well as TV credits Deadly Women and 1 for All. Suzan is currently taking on a lead role in her most recent film Lady Ifrita playing Alya, which is set to be released in 2022.


Through her endeavors, Suzan continuously works to shine a light on African creatives in the Australian entertainment industry. Her children's book Unapologetically Black proves to kids growing up that you can achieve anything you want if you just make a start. Following along with this powerful message, her podcast Unapologetically You explores influential topics and extraordinary stories.


Suzan's ambition and love for life pushes her to thrive within the industry as an all-round creative. You can follow Suzan's journey on her Instagram @suzan_mutesi and subscribe to her podcast Unapologetically You on all platforms.