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Melissa Tkautz

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ARIA winning recording artist, veteran actress and star of The Real Housewives of Sydney

Melissa Tkautz is a true icon of the Aussie entertainment industry.  


She's been billed as a Soap Star, a Pop Princess, a Real Housewife and, even crowned The Hottest Woman On The Planet ... but whatever title you select, there's only one Melissa Tkautz!


Things started early for Melissa, by the age of 17 she'd appeared in over 160 television and print commercials. It was from here that Melissa's career skyrocketed as she was cast as Nikki Spencer in the soapie juggernaut ‘E-Street’. This role instantly propelled her into the homes and hearts of millions. In classic 90's soap style, a dream sequence saw Melissa transformed into a pop star and her hit 'Read My Lips' was born. The instant chart sensation took the country by storm and landed Melissa not only the #1 spot, but also the highest selling single of the year, an AMA and an ARIA award! 


Melissa delivered hit after hit from her #1 album 'Fresh' defining an era with tracks like ‘Sexy Is The Word’, ‘Skin to Skin’, ‘My House’, and ‘Is It?’. Synonymous with the word Sexy, Melissa graced the cover of over 80 publications across the globe. She was even voted ‘Sexiest Woman on Earth’ and 'Hottest Woman on The Planet' on multiple occasions.


Unlike many of her contemporaries, Melissa refuses to be defined by one genre and as such - has had success across music, television, film and stage, starring in over twenty of Australia's biggest dramas. Her roles have included coveted spots on ‘Paradise Beach’, ‘Pacific Drive’, ‘Medivac’, ‘Richmond Hill’, ‘Echo Point’, 'Home & Away', ‘All Saints’ and 'Swift & Shift Couriers'. Musically, Melissa has always been active both in the charts and on the live circuit. Hits include 'Glamourous Life', 'Easily Affected', 'All I Want' and multiple dance music staples including 'I Want Your Love (Nick Skitz)' and more recently 'Gotta Let You Go' and 'In The Evening'. Stage-wise she is also the longest-running cast member of 'The Vagina Monologues'. 


Marrying Kwesi Nicholas in 2009, Melissa welcomed children Ayla in 2010 and Cuba in 2012. Passionate about finding balance, Melissa learnt to juggle life as a hands on mum and an in-demand actress and recording artist. This balance was certainly tested when reality TV came knocking. Leading the cast in Foxtel's 'The Real Housewives Of Sydney' was a totally new challenge for Melissa. The show delivered a whole new generation of followers and her catchphrase 'I'm Horrified' certainly resonated with viewers!


After an explosive first season, Melissa immediately began working on a host of new projects. The first, Universal Pictures 2018 horror film 'Boar' and 2021's 'The Posessed'. Throwing herself once again into the live music scene, she performed across the country and delivered dance hit 'The Key'! Theatre was also on the cards as she enjoyed a hugely successful tour alongside Rhonda Burchmore as part of Bonnie Lythgoe's 'Sleeping Beauty'.


One of the hardest working personalities in Australia entertainment, Melissa is a regular on the nations most popular TV shows and radio networks. Melissa is excited to deliver more music, acting roles and addictive TV, including joining the cast of 2022's SAS! In a day and age where fame is fleeting, it's a true testament to Melissa Tkautz and her talent, that she is still pushing the boundaries and kicking goals through hard work, integrity and professionalism. 


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