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Jono Castano

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Celebrity trainer and social media star

Jono Castano is a leading force in the Australian health and fitness industry. His positivity, drive and enthusiasm is contagious and he loves nothing more than helping people succeed in whatever they choose! His secret to success? .. 'Getting started'! 

Colombian born Jono began his career in professional football. His sport may have brought him to Sydney but it was his drive and motivation that led him to the world of elite personal training. Years later, his Acero brand is thriving with a premium Sydney gym, an app and apparel line while personally, Jono is an in demand television and media contributor. As the official Men's Health Transformation Coach Jono works with Australia's biggest names on some of the most epic transformations. His six key pillars to great health (exercise, nutrition, sleep, self-care, mental fitness and connection) deliver time and time again. Something he continues to share as a speaker, on social media and while training the next generation of fitness professionals.


On Instagram, Jono has a following of well over 800k followers. His weekly blogs, honest motivating content paired with real life advice maintains an engaged audience. Recent brand partners include Google, Hermes, Coles, Hennesy and so many more. 


Now at the forefront of the Australian fitness industry he has a long list of celebrity clients from Michael Clarke, Rita Ora and Dustin Martin, to Rebel Wilson and Sir Richard Branson. With so much going on for Jono and you're sure to see his evidence-based advice motivating people to overhaul their lives.

Follow Jono's adventures @jonocastanoacero


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