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Georgia Grace

Certified Sex Coach & Embodied Therapist

Georgia Grace aka Gspot is a certified Australian Sex and Relationship Practitioner, with over 7 years of experience in the field. Setting a new standard for healthy and fulfilling sexual relationships, Georgia is on a mission to redefine what "normal" means when it comes to sex, relationships, and intimacy. 

Passionate about promoting sexual wellness, and normalising the conversations around these typically taboo topics, Georgia’s unwavering dedication to breaking down barriers, and educating the masses has become a powerful force for positive change. Today, Georgia is considered one of the leading voices in the field of sexology and is the face….of good sex. 

Through her private practice, Georgia has become a trusted and respected authority in the field of somatic sexology, embodiment, and trauma-informed practices, providing compassionate and confidential support to those seeking help. Georgia, who is particularly known for her work in the areas of inclusive, sex positive and shame free education, trauma informed approaches and issues related to sexual confidence, communication, consent, modern dating and desire and has worked with countless individuals, couples and groups she helps them overcome issues related to sexuality and intimacy. 

Georgia is passionate about creating safe spaces for meaningful dialogue through her workshops, courses, and social media presence and her efforts have earned her collaborations with brands like David Jones, QT, Bumble, and Tinder, and she has also developed educational courses for Normal, Pilot, and the University of New South Wales. In addition to her branded work, Georgia’s breakdown of taboos and promotion of healthy sexual practices have seen her become an accomplished media personality, sought-after speaker and media commentator, regularly appearing on hit television shows like My Mum, Your Dad and The Project and features in numerous media outlets, including GQ, Body + Soul, ABC. She is also the creator and host of the popular podcast In Bed for the Nova Network, which has earned her rave reviews and a devoted following.

Georgia has completed a range of qualifications with The Institute of Somatic Sexology, making her one of the most highly qualified sex therapists in Australia.

  • Certified Somatic Sex Educator, Institute of Somatic Sexology, 2017

  • Certified Somatic Sex Coach, Institute of Somatic Sexology, 2018

  • Introductory Certificate in Embodied Counselling, Institute of Somatic Sexology, 2019

  • Professional Certificate in Working with Vaginismus, Eros Coaching & Institute of Somatic Sexology, 2020

  • Certificate for Gottman's Model of Repair in Relationships, 2021

  • 200 Hour Trauma Informed Yoga Teacher Training, The Yoga Impact Charity 2021

  • Like a Pro, The Wheel of Consent for Professionals 5 day training, Dr Betty Martin School of Consent 2023

  • Certificate in Embodied Counselling, Institute of Somatic Sexology, 2023 (in progress)

  • Member of Somatic Sex Educators’ Association of Australasia

  • BA Communications (Journalism) UTS


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