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Dean Wells

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MAFS icon and Dancing With The Stars contender 

Dean Wells shot to fame as the most recognised cast member from 2018's #1 talked about show 'Married at First Sight’! Fan or critic, there is no denying ... Australia is talking about him!


A ratings sensation, MAFS delivered unparalleled success for Nine and it was a controversial and outspoken Dean, who stole the spotlight from the very beginning. An opinion dividing character within the series, Dean won hoards or fans and certainly created water-cooler conversation moments! At the top of journalists and producers 'must get' lists, Dean has appeared on every major radio station and news outlet in the country.

Post MAFS Dean took to the dance floor as part of 2020's Dancing With The Stars. His cha-cha-cha and his tango many not have won over the judges but it certainly got Australia's attention. 


Villain or hero, everyone has an opinion on Dean, something he's taken advantage off with his conversation series Dangerous Ideas. 


Classing himself as a positive, patient, honest and 'real' guy, Dean is passionate about male focused issues, and is an avid speaker on all things modern day masculinity. Never one to be whitewashed, Dean loves a debate, but this down to earth Aussie lad is always up for fun!


Aside from his tv portrayed persona, Dean loves music, food, travel, fitness and fried chicken (his deep south approved recipe is everything)! He's a creative, a Sydney business owner and runs wine brand Little Ripples which aims to provide clean drinking water for someone for a year with every bottle sold. 

Follow Dean's journey on Instagram: @deanwells 


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