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Adele Barbaro

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Authentic social media personality.
Blogging everything from food and travel to mum life.

Adele Barbaro has one of the most engaged social media audiences in Australia. With fans and subscribers following her ultra-relatable cooking, travel, and parenting journies. Adele is a new kind of influencer, she's authentic, smart, and damn hilarious. 

Adele left the traditional workplace back in 2019 to spend more time with her kids Harvey and Chloe. She began documenting her parenting journey via her blog and social media, in hopes of finding a support network of parents facing similar challenges. A few short years later her ultra-relatable yet funny content has amassed her a large, dedicated, and loyal following. 

As her audience grew Adele started hosting ’Together Events’. Focusing on empowerment, connection and fun, the events, unlike many influencer led events, are totally free! It’s about her giving back and allowing hardworking parents to enjoy a night out without the guilt! The 2023 events had Adele visit cities across Australia hosting SOLD OUT events and record numbers on the wait-list! In 2024 Adele took things international giving her audience the opportunity to win an all expenses paid trip to bali! 


Aside from her incredible online giveaways and 'Together Events', she found an all new way to give back with her Great Big Giveaway Show. The 'Live At The National Theatre’ experience is structured as a live variety show. Jam packed full of inspiring stories, fascinating interviews, hilarious games, live music and of course … plenty of prizes the show raised much needed funds for Adele's causes. 

Adele is a true expert creator across affordable and family-friendly travel, creating recipes your kids will actually eat, and showing the good the bad, and the ugly of family life. 

Follow Adele on Facebook and Instagram.


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